Youth fellowship is the youth community of New Dimensions FWM and is made up of young people aged 11-17. These young people from all walks of life, come together to connect with God, meet new people and experience church like never before. We strive to build youths into God-fearing and loving individuals who are firmly rooted in the principles of Christ.

Young Adults

If you are young, still dreaming and not yet married, this is the place to be; NDFWM Youth and Young Adults. The group and ministry is popularly known in Harare and Zimbabwe for the power-packed and life-transforming annual Youth Camp Conference.

Many have found Christ in these meetings, encountered the Holy Ghost, get filled, healed, delivered and equipped for the success life.

The motto, Young people on a mission with vision and a decision, tells the whole story. If you are young out there, burning and desiring to lead a meaningful and purpose-driven life get acquainted with this ministry today, it will not leave you the same; you will be glad you did.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry serves to connect youth and young adults with Jesus Christ, each other, the Church and its mission. We allow access to resources, training, formation and programs for ministry with younger and older adolescents and young adults.