Pastor Jr. Manjoro is a prophet and minister of the Word of God. He is anointed to perform miracles and heal the sick. He has a deep revelation of the Word of God and is mightily used in the area of finances and businesses. His functioning releases financial breakthroughs in the lives of many.

Pastor Jr Manjoro is married to Lady Ruwa Manjoro(m 2007) and they are blessed with three (3) sons. Together they have ministered the Word of God in many countries not only in churches but in many outreach settings including schools and charity gatherings. Lady Ruwa Manjoro is a medical doctor by profession. She plays a key role in the women’s community in today’s world. She is an integral part of Virtuous Women Community International, a community founded to empower women and the girl child. Lady R has a strong grace to heal the sick (not only medically but supernaturally!). She also has a prophetic grace upon her life.

Pastor Jr. Manjoro grew up as a young man on fire for God who started ministering at a tender age. He has ministered in the house of God for a long time and started as a keyboard player for Faith World Ministries. His ministry is confirmed by a unique prophetic grace and an unusual turn-up of signs and wonders. He has ministered in different countries and his grace to attract the miraculous has been evidenced. Just to mention an incident, as a young man (years before he even got married), Pastor Jr was ministering in a service in Zimbabwe (Faith World Ministries). In that service miracles took place in the auditorium and in that service, there were many testimonies, but one notable testimony was that of a man who had had a stiff neck for 47 years. He could not turn his head and he actually confessed that he had tried everything from doctors, traditional medicine, and even witch-doctors. Nothing had worked for him. In this service a miracle took place for that man. That same man (who was healed) became a pastor for Faith World Ministries and started serving God.

Pastor Jr Manjoro

Prophetic, caring and anointed are a few words to describe the father, preacher, motivator, worshiper that is Pastor Jr.

Bishop Dr B Manjoro

Called to full-time ministry in 1968 at the age of 23. He has traveled all over Africa evangelizing and planting churches